OK, this is an idiots (in that it was written by one) guide to the Scimitar GTE. At present the two most common models (SE5 and SE6) are covered in brief. There are lots of sites with more detailed (i.e. useful) information in the links section of the site, particularly ScimWeb (RSSOC) and the Yahoo! Autos Scimitar Forum.

Well lets get going then, the SE5 came about in the early seventies, its the classic Scimitar shape that everyone knows and loves or hates.

The SE6 arrived in the mid seventies, like almost all car developments it just seemed to get longer, wider and heavier. If I had known the difference when I bought mine I’d have gone to an SE5, I think they’re just that bit smarter.

Body / Chassis:

  • Fibreglass body
  • Steel chassis
  • Width = 5′ 4.5″
  • Height = 4′ 2.5″
  • Length = 14′ 2″
  • Weight (dry) = 1011kg

Ford V6 Engine:

  • Cast iron block and heads
  • 60° V-6
  • Water Cooled
  • Bore = 93.67mm (3.69in)
  • Stroke = 72.42mm (2.85in)
  • Cubic capacity = 2,994cc (182.7cu in)
  • Compression ratio = 8.9:1
  • Carburettor = Weber 40 DFA-1/38 DGAS
  • Max Power = 138bhp at 5,000rpm
  • Max Torque = 172lbft at 3,000rpm


  • 4 speed manual
  • 4 speed manual plus overdrive
  • 3 speed auto


  • Front = solid discs
  • Rear = drum


  • Front = Independent double wishbone with coilovers
  • Rear = Live axle, parallel trailing arms and Watts linkage with coilovers

    Jaguar IRS in a Scimitar GTE…

    I read on the Yahoo! Autos forum that “back in the day” a guy named Bill Cowell did this conversion to a Scimitar GTE… A few emails later and with the kind permission of Mr Cowell and the RSSOC Slice magazine where it was first published (issue 76) I’m pleased to say I have all the details here.

    Is it worth it?

    Yeah of course it is! Sure its hard work but here in V8 land where 450 / 500 bhp is not so tough to see you need the extra strength – not to mention the handling bonus! Sure its a bit heavier, but a) if you have all that power its not a problem, b) the rear braking effort will really pull you up fast and c) if you have some of the heavier V8 engines it’ll balance out nicely ta very much!

    If you think its a bad idea to fit IRS to a Scimitar then please write your reasoning on a postcard and send it to:

    British Airways
    Ingrams Drive

    Finally, “Hats off to Bill Cowell”

    Scimitar GTE Brakes, Chassis, Handling upgrades…

    When you fit a V8 (and indeed if you’re still running a standard or tuned Ford V6) there are lots of things you can do to improve braking and handling etc.

    I am not an expert, the views and techniques expressed on this site are just things I and others have tried – we can’t recommend you do them yourself as you might die horribly.

    If you do, get an engineers inspection and report before you venture out onto the road!

    OK, use the menu (left) to get you going, but some of ths stuff you’ll find includes a budget vented disc conversion, a Wilwood vented disc and 4 pot caliper conversion, a Scimitar rear disc conversion project and a limited slip diff project.

    You will soon find out how Will cowell fitted Jaguar IRS to a Scimitar, but its a lot of typing so bear with us!