How to add your own cars to V8 Church!

February 14th 2006: Although we were slack and didn’t publicise it much we added a system that lets you upload your own pictures and info about your V8 conversions!

Check out the MORE V8 SCIMITARS link in the menu (or OTHER V8 CONVERSIONS) and you’ll see the links to add your own…

Go on, don’t be shy!

All quiet in Church…

May 31st 2005: …as you’ll have seen updates have been few and far between recently – we must have found ALL the V8 conversions in the world.

Shyeahright!!! We will soon be offering the chance for all members to be mailed with new classifieds when they are placed and likewise news / updates, all automatic.

We are also writing a system to allow visitors to add their own cars as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. But it all takes time…

Jag IRS in a Scimitar

January 13th 2005: Its here guys ‘n’ gals, Bill Cowell’s write up explaining how he fitted Jaguar IRS suspension into the back of his Scimitar – click here for more!

Scimitar V8 Stainles Manifolds Available Soon

January 4th 2005: John Mees (Metallic Red SE6 V8 Convertible) is looking into having another batch of stainless manifolds for Scimitar / Rover V8 conversion made.

If you are interested email stating your Name and Telephone number or call John directly on 01454 882295.

The price depends on how many are interested, they offer massive power gains over the commonly used cast iron V8 manifolds. Note: because your V8 conversions are all different it is likely that the manifolds will be supplied in kit form comprising 8 HD flanges, 8 branches & 2 collectors. I did it this way, bolting flanges to the car, cutting branches to length and tack-welding them together into the collector. Its the best way to ensure a perfect fit.

Once tack-welded you can either finish yourself, return to John (may cost extra) or find a welder near you.

BTW, std collector exits in 2.5″ pipe. See the exhausts page for an example.

Scimitar braking info updated

January 2nd 2005: Take a look in the menu under “SE6 Rover V8 Conversion” and “SE5 Rover V8 Conversion” for information on both Wilwood (pricey but lightweight) and a budget 4pot / vented disc conversion for your Scimitar GTE.

Also there is information under SE6 V8 conversion for a Scimitar rear disc conversion and soon we will have an article on using the Jag IRS axle setup on a Scimitar…

Happy Christmas!

December 22nd 2004: Well, the site is nearly 1 year old and we have dug out a host of Rover V8 powered Scimitars and even a few Chevy V8 and Ford V8 examples.

I know for a fact that there are more lurking out there so in 2005, make it your mission to find those V8 freaks and get them (Scimitar or not) into the Church!

Have a very Merry Christmas, DON’T Drink and Drive, sleep over instead!

See you all in the New Year!!

Site Overhaul

December 2nd 2004: We’re slowly overhauling the site, updating the code so that its faster and easier to use – if you have any comments, LET US KNOW!

You’ll like this…

November 2nd 2004: …American Car Importers, if you’re not too bothered about fitting a V8 to an old car but you want that throty roar then forget all our poxy european engines and look across the pond, we, well to Liverpool anyway! American Car Importers do the legwork for you son instead of buying that p**s poor Mondeo or miserable Vectra go get a Chevy or a Hummer…

Proper cars!

Lots of new cars!

October 7th 2004: Last month was a bonanza, lots of great new cars added to the site. Tom’s SE5 Scimitar V8 turned up and didn’t disappoint, we have a V8 powered VW Kombi all the way from Cape Town, South Africa and the Spartan V8.

Keep them rolling in!

BTW – we can now be found at, some of you will remember that site from a while back, it was great but went offline years ago. If we can we want to reproduce much of the useful info that was there, if you have any suggestions you know where to shout!

A new V8 SE5 Scimitar on the way…

September 10th 2004: Tom Follows of Bath has seen the light and fitted a 3.5 V8 in his Yellow SE5. After the tired old V6 its a real improvement so look out in the next week or so for some pictures and info!

EasyAircon to the rescue

August 11th 2004: Odd jobs on the V8 have been hot this summer, EasyAirCon supplied a PAC 70 unit and wow, is working more comfortable now.

You guessed it, they’re helping out with a couple of other projects so this mention is kinda like our thanks to them, but man can you work quicker when you’re not sweating like a pig!

It’s a 10:1 rover P6 V8…

July 11th 2004:

I removed the engine from the knackered SE6 v8 I had to see what it was, its a high compression (10:1) P5 / P6 motor, with the holley carb and dual plane manifold if should be good for a few horses too!

I will stick it in classifieds soon with a link to an Ebay auction so it will be up for grabs – as will the other useful bits like Rover V8 to Scimitar SE6 prop etc…

Visitors like the site…

June 16th 2004:

Feedback has been great, just see whats been said on the Feeedback page!

If there’s anything you think would be helpful on the site, let us know right!

All about the Google ads…

June 4th 2004:

We’re experimenting with Google Adsense, the adverts you see in the top right of the page are selected by google and served on our pages. We hope that some of them will be useful but lets be honest, it’s about money. In the first week they have raised about $2, we’re not in it for profit but if it goes some way towards paying the hosting bill then it has to be a good thing.

Having said that, if you think that they’re an awful idea (lots of people hate ads) then please let us know – we’re not hell bent on the idea!

more V8 conversions wanted!

April 21st 2004: Hi folks, the pages for readers rides (or whatever you want to call them) are looking good, but nothing new for a while yet… If you know of a trick v8 conversion near you get them to email us (or email on their behalf) so that we can get more cars and pictures on the site… Thanks for your help!

Got something to sell?

March 31st 2004: Try out the new Free Classifieds service… If you’re trying to sell Scimitar or V8 parts it’s free and at present, no registration is required!

Classifieds coming soon…

March 28th 2004: You asked for classifieds, we’re programming them now! You will soon be able to post your classified ads online for FREE! Initially it will be a straight forward list, sorted by date… however… If it proves popular we will add categories etc.

rebuilt mgb gt for sale on ebay

March 25th 2004: Folks, I know it’s not a V8 but this is a favour for a member of the family. If you’re interested in a fully rebuilt MGB BT then Click Here. If you know an MG enthusiast, tell them!

More V8 scimitars please!

March 24th 2004: If you look at the V8 Scimitars page you’ll see some new cars, Colin’s V8 Coupe is proving popular! The Scimitars are being outnumbered by the “others” though! Please, if you have a V8 Scimitar or know of one use the Feedback Page to let us know about it…

15″ Middlebridge wheels

February 16th 2004:

About a year ago I bought some Cooper Cobra tyres for the 14″ wolfrace wheels ‘cos I thought they looked cool. Over time it has dawned on me that although they look the part, as Dave Griffthis at Interpro said; “they’re certainly of the era aren’t they”… Well, I’ve got some slightly tatty Middlebridge wheels on with part worn Continentals and they are a MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT!

You can now throw the Scimitar into corners and not wallow way past where you’re aiming but stick to it and braking is just superb! OK, this is in comparison to how it was so in reality there’s a long way to go and SE6’s will never be track day weapons but this is a revelation. I’m going to add AVO adjustables and finish poly bushing t

Chevy V8 Scimitar added to ‘Other V8 Scimitars’ page

January 24th 2004: Dick McCall has a 5.7 Chevy in his SE6, you’ll find it in “More V8 Scimitars”…

Rolling Road Update

January 23rd 2004: Real Steel had the distributor back, they did whatever they do to these things and said “put it back on and set maximum advance another 3 degrees”… it’s making 280 bhp…

Rolling Road Tuning

January 22nd 2004: The 4.6 is consistently making between 275 and 277 bhp. There are still a couple of problems, the Mallory dizzy is mis-behaving a little but for a first run that’s great. Sam is a very happy lad indeed…

New V8 Scimitar added to ‘Other V8 Scimitars’ page

January 21st 2004: Mark McKinlay has a pretty special SE5 V8 Scimitar, click on “More V8 Scimitars” to view it and others.

Rear Disc Conversion in development

January 17th 2004: With Wilwood 4 pots extra braking at the rear would without doubt improve matters, I have a spare SE6 which will donate it’s rear axle, into it will go a Jag LSD and I will work out how to fit rear discs – watch this space (but, er, not for a few months ;-)… Any ideas on this would be gratefully received…

V8 engines for sale soon

January 16th 2004: I have various V8’s, one is a 9.75 CR Vitesse 3.5 and one is unknown capacity but fitted with 4 barrel Holley etc. Contact me if you’re interested in them and various other bits like gearboxes etc.