Basically I started out connecting the wheezy Scimitar exhausts to even wheezier Land Rover cast iron manifolds.
Hey, it got me on the road, lots of people do it! Get the cast iron exhaust manifolds off an old Range Rover or Land Rover V8 (well, 2 drivers side ones anyway) and you’ll be able to use the original exhaust systems. (Note, save 3 or 4 inches of the Land Rover downpipe where it attaches as you’ll want to weld it onto the Scimitar downpipe).

For more power, use a tubular manifold

Some mild tubular manifolds from a Morgan looked as though they could be modified to work. We tried and failed. In the meantime the 4.6 was being built so we decided to do the job properly. Global Tube Fabrications of Worcester (01905 764 302) copied the shape of our pigeon shit manifolds and turned out several sets of stainless jobs – Laverly!

Four into one is simplest, see for some rather good looking homebrew 4-2-1 items…

Do you need a manifold pattern to get your own made? Email me, its available for hire. £15 for a month (£50 deposit).

Heres the manifolds:

Peter and Graeme (eventually) got the extras for their V8 SE6’s and mine went on the 4.6 along with a pair of 2.5″ straight through exhausts. There’s just one silencer on each at the back, and they’re straight through too!

…and the exhausts:

The sound is difficult to describe… The rough idle of the Typhoon cam sounds deadly and wide open throttle is like a real banshee… Owners of genuinely fast cars that the Scimitar could never beat often skulk quietly away in fear of embarassment.

Lovely lovely lovely…