Review of Bilstein B6 Sport Shock Absorber

If you are looking for a great set of shock absorbers for your Land Rover, you should consider the Bilstein B6 Sports Shock Absobers, one of the best shock absorbers in the market today. These shocks will give you the pleasure that can only come from the smoothest of rides.

How Shock Absorbers Work
Shock absorbers are designed to absorb shock impulses by converting the kinetic energy of lateral movements into heat energy, which is then subsequently dissipated through various mechanisms. Most shock absorbers dissipate the heat inside a viscous fluid. In air cylinders shock absorbers, the hot air is dissipated into the atmosphere. Electromagnetic shock absorbers store the energy for later use.

Land rover driving in desert with Bilstein

Using valving oil and gases, shock absorbers absorb excess energy from the springs thus damping spring oscillations. This improves the ride quality and vehicle handling when your vehicle is travelling on rough terrain.

Features of Bilstein B6 Sport Shock Absorber
The Bilstein B6 Sport is a mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber made to dampen wide-ranging vibrations with extreme precision. Oil shock absorbers create an oily foam which gives a spongy driving experience. The Bilstein B6 Sport, on the other hand, does not lose its stability and is ever precise and consistent.

The Bilstein B6 Sports shock absorber is appropriate for a wide range of applications, capapble of handling full payloads and extreme temperatures. It gives a consistent performance on country roads as well as motorways and comfortably handles long distances as well as short ones.
It is a high-performance shock absorber designed for sporty drivers who will appreciate its ability to provide firmer damping and better road handling. Thanks to the mono-tube/upside-down technology, the B6 Sport provides more damping force.

If you are looking for something that will give your vehicle comfortable handling in all driving conditions, you should definitely consider getting the Bilstein B6 Sport. Consumers can find B6 shock absorbers, coilovers and the whole Bilstein catalogue on