Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs Review

For many people, only the wheels and tires come to mind when considering what they can do to enhance the performance and appearance of their vehicle. While that is a good starting point, it’s usually not enough. To get maximum value out of your new high performance tires, you need a suspension upgrade. More precisely, you need a set of properly engineered springs, such as the Eibach Pro-Kit. This is one of the best suspension spring systems in the market.

How Car Springs and Suspension Work

Suspension is the system of springs, shock absorbers, tires, tire air, and linkages that connects the car to its wheels. It affects your control over the car and the comfort you experience while driving.

The springs enable the car’s wheels to move up to absorb the impact from bumps in the road and reduce jolting. As your vehicle drives over a bump, the springs deflect before bouncing back. The kinetic energy created is absorbed by dampers (shock absorbers).

Shock absorbers take the energy stored in springs, convert it into heat energy and either dissipate it in viscous fluid or dissipate it into the atmosphere.

Features of Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs

Eibach Pro-Kit springs are built to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity (up to 40 mm). This gives you more control over the vehicle’s movements when accelerating rapidly, cornering, or braking. The lower center of gravity reduces squat during acceleration, body roll when cornering, and excessive nosedive when you are braking.

The springs also help maintain your car’s load carrying capacity with minimal risk of bottoming out the suspension.

If you are using Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheels and tyres, the Eibach Pro-Kit will enhance their operation to give you superior performance. And since the Pro-Kit reduces the excess fender well clearance, it also improves the appearance of your automobile.

Upgrade your suspension system with the Eibach Pro-Kit and experience better handling, braking, acceleration, cornering, and overall responsiveness from your vehicle.