Introduction to Car Tuning/Styling

When you buy a new car, the probability is high that you won’t settle for its stock looks and performance. For most people, buying a new car is usually followed by improving its looks and performance. Car tuning or styling helps you get the car to your desired standard if you are not satisfied with its performance or appearance. It also comes in handy afterward when the car is no longer new, has suffered a bit of wear, and you want to spruce it up to make it like new.

What is Car Tuning?

The car tuning process is basically a modification of a vehicle’s performance and appearance. A new car is designed to meet the standards of the average driver. Tuning is a convenient way for drivers to personalize the features of their automobiles. You can have your vehicle tuned to make it produce more power, provide better fuel economy, and give better handling and driving.

To extract maximum performance or improve the appearance of your automobile, the car may undergo either outright alteration or simply the replacement of certain parts. This often involves a modification of the car’s engine and management systems – to increase power output.

However, other changes have to be made to enable your vehicle to handle the increased power. These include changes such as widening the tires, stiffening the suspension, improving the brakes, improving steering, improving the transmission by installing a short shifter, and so on.

A Short List of Possible Things to Modify in Your Car:

Audio System
This can be a simple upgrade of the car radio or a full-blown customization of the audio equipment to get higher quality speakers, sub woofers, amps, and a better wiring system.

The Interior

Interior modifications include safety considerations such as fire extinguishers, roll cages, reinforced buckets, seat harnesses and so forth. Other features you can add or modify include air condition, the audio system, and soundproofing.

The Engine

Engine tuning involves altering how your car’s engine operates. However, you should be careful. When engine tuning is carried out in the wrong way, performance will suffer, leading to expensive repairs – it may even be dangerous.

Suspension Tuning

These involves modifying the shock absorbers, springs, sway bars, and other components of your car’s suspension system to improve the vehicle’s handling and ride quality.

Car tuning can be potentially dangerous. Ensure you are operating within the legal requirements of your country or municipality, and conforming to the construction standards set to safeguard vehicle safety.