Simons Sportsystem exhausts

In the past two to three decades, enthusiasts will tell you that cars have lost most of the analogue feeling, and that’s especially true when it comes to sound. Thanks to more stringent emission standards, car manufacturers inadvertently mute the sound of new models with catalyst converters and other types of filters.

Happily, you can revert to a better sounding exhaust in your car and more analogue experience with the Simons Sportsystem exhausts. Apart from better sound, you’ll even gain some horsepower and better engine responsiveness. Your car will not only sound better, but it will also be faster as well.

Why do I need an aftermarket exhaust?

Aftermarket exhausts almost always let the engine “breathe” better. In other words, exhaust gasses can escape the engine more easily and without losses, so the engine will gain power. Thanks to higher speeds of the gasses in the system, aftermarket exhaust almost universally sounds better than its standard counterparts.

Who are Simons Sportsystem?

It’s a Swedish company with a lot of experience in the area. They are known for high-quality aftermarket exhaust systems and have products that are available for a variety of car models, including models from Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Volkswagen and Volvo. They are especially known for their Saab and Volvo exhaust.

Why should I go for a Simons Sportsystem exhaust?

Any aftermarket exhaust will make your car sound louder when accelerating, but not necessarily better. Simons Sportsystem puts a lot of focus into R&D behind every single product, which is tailored made for the car it is meant for. Thanks to that, they greatly improve on the sound of the car, but don’t make it extremely loud so it can’t be driven on public roads. They are also very good at eliminating drone on the motorway, something cheaper exhaust systems fail to do. Thanks to better gas flow, Simons Sportsystem exhaust can even make the engine more powerful, albeit a few percent.

Can I combine a Simons Sportsystem exhaust with other engine tuning parts?

Sure! And it’s recommended if you want to extract the most power from your engine. Simons Sportsystem exhausts play great with chip-tuning and bigger turbo chargers. As a matter of fact, we strongly advise that any jump in power made with a bigger turbocharger or chip tuning should be combined with a better aftermarket exhaust system.

Are they street legal?

Simons Sportsystem offers exhaust systems with built-in catalytic converters, which makes them completely street legal.

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SP Suspension – a great shop for bike enthusiasts

The motorcycle crowd is often pickier than the car crowd at extracting better performance from their ride. Sure, for most people there is not a lot of difference in how a motorcycle rides, especially when it comes to handling, but for the more experienced driver, balanced bike chassis is essential. Think for a second – driving a motorcycle is not the same as driving a car. Almost always, riders experience the bends like no car driver can, often relying on their bike dynamics for better stability and much more important than that, safer driving.

Let’s be clear though – almost every sportbike on the planet today has good enough agility for most people and to experience the limits of yours, you really must be a great driver. However, a lot of bike riders today track their motorbikes as well and that is when they really must improve on the suspension setup. SP Suspension is a bike suspension shop from Italy, that has a lot of experience in the field and can make your ride a much more fun toy on track days.

Customers that already had a reworked suspension from SP Suspension report that the shop is very professional, working with passion and competence. Their owner Alessandro Fondi is a track rider as well and he is often found on the Circuit of Vallelunga giving advice to other riders. Riding a bike is literally his life and he is very dedicated to every model he works on. According to his customers, their bikes have much better riding dynamics after SP Suspension reworking, especially for track days, but they also mention the advice he gives on how they can improve their riding technique.

The best thing with Alessandro is that he will not stop only at the suspension. He has a deep technical knowledge on all bike things and has the time to explain it to his customers. For him, every part on the bike counts if your goal is a better riding bike. Hell, he will even tell you how much time you’ll shave off when tracking after the upgrades he makes. It’s then no coincidence that a lot of the customers call him the “surgeon of bike suspensions”, which is a big praise indeed.

SP Suspension can only be found in Campagnano di Roma in Italy for now, but here is hoping that Alessandro will expand his business in the coming years.


       Army Style Audi RS6 Gets KW V4 Suspension Kit

South African car tuning scene is getting bigger and bigger. These days, you can find many car enthusiasts with amazing modifications. Of course, Japanese models dominate, but there is a great number of German vehicles as well. It may sound strange to see Audi hi-performance car in this part of the world, but keep in mind that several German carmakers have their assemblies in this country, where models for the African market are produced.

This particular model belongs to the previous generation of Audi’s famous mid-size luxury wagon. This RS6 has been produced between 2013 and 2018 and we are now waiting to see how the new generation will look like. In this particular case, we can see upgrades in pretty much every aspect. First of all, there is a significant power boost of the already monstrous 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. In the stock version, this unit is good for about 600 horsepower. This one delivers 100 horses more, while a max torque goes all away up to 680 pound-feet of torque. Apparently, this is just the first stage of engine tuning.

Despite already being a hi-performance version, this RS6 gets a suspension upgrade as well. Stock suspension on this model is great, but things can always be better. In this case, KW V4 seems like a natural choice.

This coilover kit is amazing in many ways. It is designed to improve already amazing suspension on hi-performance cars. It comes with 3-way adjustable dampers, which allow you to set up the ride in any way you want, from uncompromised track-ready tuning to peacefull cruise-type of the ride. This kit is definitely a great choice for everyone who wants to get a fantastic compromise between comfort and racing handling. 

Besides numerous mechanical upgrades, this RS6 also comes with lots of distinctive styling details. Of course, the most notable is a unique military-green finish, which provides a very special flavour to this car. You can also notice a lot of bodywork. One of the most notable things is massive fender flares, which are a perfect match for large 21-inch black ADV1 rims and Pirelli PZero tires.

Finally, you can see a massive roof carrier which comes with four large circular lighting groups. Apparently, a minigun is the only thing that is missing on this RS6. Definitely one of the most interesting projects we have seen lately.


     A 500-hp Lotus Exige

Among sports cars, Lotus has always been something special. Known for its small and dynamic models, it won the hearts of many car enthusiasts around the world. Currently, there are three amazing sports cars in the company’s offer, but the Exige is definitely a No.1 among car lovers.

This is a perfect weekend car, specially designed to provide excitement on curvy roads and even on tracks. Superior handling has always been the strongest point of this car.

The original version of this sports car was launched in 2000 and we have seen three generations of it so far. The current generation is on the market since 2012, but we have seen lots of updates for these six years.

Every year, Lotus comes with a few upgrades. So far, these were most about engine upgrades and today you can choose several versions with different outputs. In all cases, the Lotus Exige comes with the same V6 engine. It is a well-known 3.5-liter Supercharged six-cylinder unit from Toyota, which powers various kinds of vehicles, from Corolla to most expensive Lexus models.

In the base Lotus Exige, it delivers around 350 horsepower. The most powerful production versions are good for about 430 hp, but it looks like even that wasn’t enough for one Lotus enthusiast. This guy did a couple of engine upgrades and managed to get full 500 horsepower, which sounds monstrous, considering the car’s weight and dimensions. Combined with superior handling characteristics, this model now acts like a real supercar.

In most cases, such power increase would require lots of modifications on the engine. In this case, there is a surprisingly small number of them. The core of this tuning is a new Harrop TVS1900 Supercharger, designed especially for Toyota’s V6 engine, with the latest intercooler technology. It operates at higher pressure than stock Supercharger, resulting in higher and more consistent power levels.

Besides new Supercharger, there is also a new titanium exhaust system that comes from the renowned Italian company Ajko. If you’re not familiar with this name, it is a manufacturer that makes exhaust systems for numerous racing motorcycles, as well as for the Pagani Huayra supercar.

So, besides plenty of power, you can also enjoy beautiful music that that comes from the new titanium exhaust system and six-cylinder engine that goes over 9.000 RPMs. The tuned Lotus Exige had its premiere this year, at Time Attack Italia 2018, where it made some pretty good lap times.

Eibach Springs

Improving the ride quality and the responsiveness of your car can be pretty hard – car manufacturers often employ suspension specialists to fine tune the driving character of some car. That’s why, even when upgrading your suspension, you should leave it to the professionals, like Eibach for example. This company is known for their high-quality springs that will lower your car, extract more performance in the curves and ultimately, keep the ride comfort intact.

Why do I need new Springs?

Installing new springs on your car is a fast and easy way to improve the dynamics, responsiveness and handling of your car. Often, car manufacturers tend to make their cars softer and more refined, but they lose the edge when it comes to driving dynamics. High-quality springs can improve on the handling, without damaging ride comfort too much.

Why should I install Eibach springs?

That’s a nice question. Right now the tuning market is flooded with springs from different manufacturers and choosing the right one can be a chore. Luckily, companies like Eibach make that selection a lot easier. They have a high variety of products in their arsenal and we can confirm that all of them are high quality. Their experience comes from popular racing series like Formula 1, LeMans, NASCAR and WRC.

What will change after installing the new springs?

You can expect much better responsiveness when turning the steering wheel. The car will also be much more stable on the road and there will be much less body roll. The springs will also lower your car so, which in turn lowers the centre of gravity and further improve on the drivability. This can have great effect on the braking distance, as the nose of the car will not dive as much as before, which results in shorter braking distances. In the end, lower car means much sportier stance.

Tip: Eibach springs combine well with Bilstein shocks,

Are there any Eibach products for off-road cars?

Sure, Eibach has springs that are tailored made for off-road cars as well. These springs will not lower your car, but raise it, so it can easily tackle heavy terrain. Eibach has special springs for Truck&Jeep Performance, apart from the popular Motorsport Springs & Accessories and Powersport Springs & Accessories for sporty driving on the road.

Can I combine Eibach Springs with dampers from other manufacturers?

Eibach have their own spring and damper packages, but you can always combine them with dampers from other manufacturers. If you do that, we advise you to search online for the best combination of springs and dampers for your particular model. If you’re very serious about improving the handling, you can install front and rear stabilizers.

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